Toloflex - Kesice za kafu - Kese za kafu


Pack the product in the right packaging, it will represent you in the best light.



Mono materials
The most common single-layer printing materials, multi-applicable. In accordance with the choice of printing materials (OPP, PET, PE), this material stands out for its flexibility, gloss, resistance to chemicals and water.


Duplex materials
Its two-layer nature is characterized by excellent mechanical and resistance properties (impermeability to oxygen and moisture with additional preservation of aroma). Its obtained by laminating 2 materials and its used for packaging most confectionery and snack products. Includes Multipack.


Triplex materials
Multi-layering improves quality. These are three-layer materials, for additional product protection and it gives an extra elegant touch to printing. With a variety of sizes, shapes and colors, over 700,000 bags for various products come out of our production every month.

With a variety of sizes, shapes and colors from our production, more than 700,000 bags for a variety of products are produced per month.


In our production we point out the printing of coffee bags from 100g to 1kg, including packaging for Espresso coffee. Toloflex packaging will ensure the quality of your product, extend its shelf life and highlight your product where its most important. We meet the requirements for the production of limited editions or small series (10,000 - 12,000 bags).